Flies, who needs them!  Unfortunately if you value your horse's health and comfort you can't just ignore them.  You have to find a way to deal with them, safely, inexpensively, and as effectively as possible!


Let's briefly review fly control products in the marketplace today.

Traps & Sticky strips:  Stinky, unsightly, must be replaced regularly ($$)

Sprays & salves:  introduces harmful chemicals into your and your horses environment, must be applied regularly ($$$)

Electromagnetic tags:  only "lasts up to 4 months", must be replaced regularly ($$$$)

Natural predators:  There's no guarantee they'll stay around, must be reintroduced regularly ($$$$$) 


 The Flies Stay Away signs use no harmful chemicals, no electricity, and need no maintanence.  It's inexpensive; you buy it once and it lasts for years.  Just fix it to a wall, post or halter.  It was designed and field tested for 2 years in barns, stalls, and turnouts.


Several years ago while visiting a friend with horses,  I was struck with the number of fly bites that they had on their chest and how they constantly moved in an attempt to avoid being bitten again.  I thought that I might be able to do something to give them some relief.


First, I wanted to keep it really simple with no moving parts.  Over the years I've been interested in sacred geometry, dowsing, and principles of resonance;  the energy or vibration of things, and how some things attract or repel other things.  I began to play with various designs to see if I could come up with something that would keep flies away.  The design above is what I came up with and is effective within an 18' diameter area.  Using dowsing I learned that the "do not" symbol has an uncomfortable energy.  You might not feel it consciously, but you get it on an unconscious level.   Two seasons of experience has shown that flies also "get" it.  They get it and they stay away!


I gave prototypes of the Barn sign to two friends who own horses and they used the signs for two summers. 

One owner, Cassie, placed the signs on fence posts in her turnout, in an area where her horses normally did their business.  She told me that rather than avoid the area because of the large amount of flies usually present, her horses actually seemed to prefer the area because there were now many fewer flies there.

The second owner, Rita, placed the signs in stalls and open areas in and around her barn. She said that "I have found that one sign easily covers a 12' x 12' stall area...the entire barn is a safe haven where my horses can get away from house flies, barn flies, black flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, and horse flies.  My horses are happy!"


The second summer I came up with a sign, effective within a 9' diameter area, that could be attached to a halter.  Rita later told me that "I especially like the small signs that can be attached to a halter or fly mask so that my horses are protected at all times.  You have a very important product here that horses and their owners need."


As a result of their feedback I realize that I have a product that works and that it's time to make the signs available to other horse owners.

The signs are made of a durable, flexible, exterior grade plastic that will last for years.  They require no chemicals or electricity to be effective and they're very inexpensive.

The signs may not work immediately.  I've found that it's best to place the sign where you want it, and give it a day to take affect.  Friends were using the sign at a picnic table while they ate.  They noticed that flies would hover at a distance and not come close.  They later went to a beach where another friend was "getting eaten alive"  by black flies.  The sign didn't seem to help drive the flies away.  It may be that the sign needed more time to be felt. I also think that while the flies were in a feeding frenzy they weren't going to pay attention to an uncomfortable vibe. Once a field is set up they will usually avoid the area.

At this price they make useful, wonderfully unique, any occasion gifts for friends with horses, farmstock or dogs and anyone who spends time outside hiking, picnicing, hunting, or fishing!

Signs are in stock and ship within 2 days.


 I've created 3 packages, each $ 26.95 (shipping/handling inc.) 

  • (3) 4 1/2"sq. barn signs
  • (3) halter size
  • (2) barn and (1) halter size

Individual signs are $ 9.95 each domestic and            $ 14.95 each outside U.S.  (shipping/handling inc.).


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