My name is David Dobson and I live in Maine.  I have many interests.  I create Genesa Crystals and Flowers of Life sacred geometric structures, and I wrote a unique Owner's Guide© for the Genesa Crystal.  I play with dowsing, and I write/channel poetry based on the sequential letters of a persons name that I call 'Whispers from Soul'.  They are compressed messages channeled through the energetic doorway of an individual's present name to deliver timely information from one's Soul for the present moment.  Whispers contain multiple levels of meaning to discover as the message is embraced through contemplation or meditation.

I am also a founding partner of Metamorphysis, creators of  amazing transformational crystal art.  

I have trained in various techniques for personal as well as structural energetic clearing. Together with my wife, Kristine, we energetically clear homes, offices, buildings and land.  In our remote clearing practice we remove stagnant and traumatic energy, cut emotional cords no longer beneficial to the individual, balance geopathic stressors, and remove harmful non-physical beings.