"My horses are happy.  I have been using David Dobson's signs for several years now and have found that one easily covers a 12' x 12' stall area.  I have also placed other signs in my barn in open areas so that the entire barn is a safe haven where my horses can get away from house flies, barn flies, black flies, mosquitoes, deer flies, and horse flies.  My experience has been that these signs have significantly reduced the fly and other pest population in my barn.  These signs are truly amazing, economical and they work! My horses are happy!"

"I especially like the small signs that can be attached to a halter or flymask so that my horses are protected at all times.  I love those best of all and used them until they were completely pulverized, because my horses roll so much in the summer (she was using prototype models).  You have a very important product here that horses and their owners need!    Rita Jones, Clinton, ME. 


 Just wanted to give you some feedback on your FliesStayAway sign.
We don't have a barn or horses, however, we have a large screen porch on the back of our house that we leave the doors open to so the cats can come in and out.  Because the doors are open, we have all kinds of flying insects that just love to hang out there!  When your sign arrived I thought I'll give this a try, but in my mind, I had doubts because the insects seem to LOVE that screen porch.  Well, within the first 24 hours I noticed a difference - I didn't see as many carpenter bees, wasps, not to mention the flies.  The sign has now been there for several weeks and they continue to stay away!  Every once in awhile, I"ll see one or two insects but they don't stay long. So, many thanks.